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April 6, 2016

Tinrocket Releases This for iOS

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This by Tinrocket is a photo annotation app that enables users to add pointers, labels, descriptions, and commentary to their photos.
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Tell the whole story with This by Tinrocket.
Beautifully streamlined and simplified design

Beautifully designed, with a clean and minimal interface, This lets users tell stories and give context to their photos in a quick, fun, and engaging way.

Designed with one font, three color settings (auto, black, or white), and three font size options (four for iPad devices), labels are quick and easy to make. The minimal design quietly complements the photo without distracting from the image or its narrative.

“We designed the UI and the label options to be clean and simple. It suits our design aesthetic and also lets the user really focus on their image and the story they want to tell,” says Tinrocket founder, Balestrieri.

In addition to color and size options, This ships with seven expressive pointers (dot, arrow, circle, x, heart, line, dotted line). A simple tap toggles between them, making it a breeze to quickly add personality and detail to any photo.
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Add pointers, labels, descriptions, and commentary to your photos.
Creative storytelling at its best

Balestrieri notes that while This is a traditional annotation tool, it can also be used “to share details that wouldn't normally be obvious. By quickly adding a personalized label, photos are instantly transformed into meaningful stories."

Download This by Tinrocket and let your photos speak for themselves.

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This by Tinrocket for iOS feature set:
  • Add labels, pointers and descriptions to your photos
  • Clean, minimal design
  • Simple, interactive and fun to use
  • 7 expressive pointers to suit your mood
  • Easily add, delete, re-size, or re-position pointers
  • Save to your phone or share via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email
Availability: Worldwide through the App Store
Requirements: iOS 9.2 or greater
Price: $1.99 US
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Tinrocket, founded in 2006 by John Balestrieri, is a Brooklyn-based company dedicated to making original, creative software for mobile and desktop. Other critically acclaimed Tinrocket apps include Waterlogue, Percolator, and Popsicolor.

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