Capture Your Imagination

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Experience a vibrant world of animation through vivid, real-time effects.
*Requires Cinemin Premium

It’s Perceptionally Fun

Inspiration is everywhere you look.

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Inspired by traditional animation art and films, Cinemin opens a mirror world filled with beautiful line, color, and motion.

Capture still images and full-motion video, or import items from your Photo Library. Fine-tune your adjustments and export video up to 4K.*
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Cinema Mode

Tap into an immersive, full-screen experience.
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(Performance varies by device.)

Cinemin, Maxed

Download Cinemin for free and unlock more features with an optional in-app upgrade.

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Enjoy Cinemin? Get more with Cinemin Premium, offering higher resolution and exclusive features.

Try most of Cinemin Premium’s features with a watermark and explore Cinemin freely, at your own speed.

Cinemin Premium is available as a subscription or one-time purchase. Either way, you’re supporting us, a small, indie developer. Thank you!

Ethical Creativity

Cinemin doesn’t use Generative AI.
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Generative AI makes images by learning from online examples, often without artist permission. Cinemin doesn’t use this method or any artwork for training.

We created Cinemin by learning to see like an artist, crafting beautiful algorithms with our engineering skills, and fine-tuning the output for a stunning look!
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Made with Cinemin

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Capture your imagination
Compatible with iOS devices running iOS 16 and greater.
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