Convert, Replace, and Save Space

SMAWL helps you reclaim space on your device and in the cloud.

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RAW photos require a substantial amount of storage space, especially on newer iPhones that can take high-resolution 48-megapixel RAW photos.

RAW is great for editing, but when you no longer need the RAW originals, SMAWL offers a simple solution to reclaim storage space. With SMAWL, you can easily browse RAW albums, compress photos to JPEG or HEIC, and delete the original RAW files.

Make Your RAW Photo Library Squeaky Clean

SMAWL has a single purpose, but does it exceptionally well.

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SMAWL is designed to simplify the task of compressing your photo library:

Its side-by-side preview feature allows you to see exactly how your photos will look after compression.

SMAWL also preserves all the metadata, including time and location data, associated with your photos.


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Take control of your photo storage
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Compatible with iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 15 and greater.
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