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Tinrocket is an independent macOS and iOS app development and publishing company located in Brooklyn, NY. Over the past 10 years, we’ve designed and developed many popular photo apps: Waterlogue, Olli, “This” by Tinrocket, and others.

Tinrocket does its best to produce unique, high quality apps:

Three have earned Apple’s “App Store Best of” awards; Waterlogue participated in a global marketing campaign by Apple, appeared on demo devices in Apple retail stores, and even made an appearance in a keynote at Apple’s WWDC!

Our apps have also been a Starbucks App Store Pick of the Week, a pick in Oprah’s holiday guide, and have received countless words of kindness from our customers.

We do most R&D, design, and development in-house, but often work with senior developers, and established development shops, to ship highly polished apps. We enjoy working with talented developers, no matter where they’re based in the world!

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