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Start Here
Cut to the chase: Your video will begin at the best spot when it appears on Instagram and other social media sites.

Lead with Eye-catching Content

Quickly set and preview a new starting point for your video.

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Start Here makes it easy to “time-shift” your video posts:

Simply load your movie, mark the action, and share. Your video will begin at the best spot when it appears on social sites, and the full video will seamlessly loop when playback repeats.

One Clip Wonder

Start Here focuses on one thing and does it brilliantly.

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Make fine adjustments using the trim control. When it’s time to export, your video keeps its original quality with no loss of quality or recompression.

Noted & Seen

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“Marketing For Small Business”

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“Genius app”
– AppAdvice

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“Great solution for video engagement.”

Get Start Here

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Grab your audience before they scroll away
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Compatible with iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 14 and greater.
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